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Come and discover new flavors that combine Catalan, Japanese and Peruvian cuisine in delicious tapas to share.

About Us

El Pou is a tapas restaurant located in the center of Sitges, which opened in 2011. The base of our dishes is traditional cuisine fused with Catalan, Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, without forgetting the great essence of Mediterranean cuisine, always with high quality ingredients.

Our historic place is strongly linked to local gastronomy, since it was once a winery where the Malvasía de Sitges was produced, a feature that we wanted to keep in the soul of our restaurant.

Our Philosophy

There is nothing better than surprising our diners with creations that fuse tradition and innovation in unique tapas, with flavors that combine the east and the Mediterranean. That is why the concept of our restaurant is based on dishes to share that allow everyone to taste each of the dishes that we cook for them.

In our kitchen we prioritize high-quality ingredients, and we bet on a low-manipulation cooking method that maintains the original flavor of the products, giving them their maximum role. In addition, in our menu we offer an excellent selection of wines from our area perfect to pair our tapas.

Our Team

Our team is led by the cuisine chef Oscar Massó, a chef from Sitges who discovered his vocation for cooking thanks to his father.

Oscar Massó previously worked in various signature cuisine, Japanese cuisine and tapas cuisine restaurants, both in Sitges and in the city of Barcelona, until his passion for culinary creativity and fusion led him to open his own restaurant.

The Pou is made up of a team of highly qualified professionals who offer the best service and attention to our clients, and whose objective is to ensure that diners enjoy a unique experience: we put the food, the wine and the passion, you the desire to enjoy and the company.

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